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Zuckerberg called to testify also in Europe, by Antonio Tajani

Zuckerberg called to testify also in Europe

Mark Zuckerberg is called a testimony to the European Parliament. Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, is about to send a letter of convocation to Zuckerberg, to request that the founder of Facebook come to testify in Europe.

Mark Zuckerberg has just finished testifying before the US Congress and will now be called for testify in the European Parliament.Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, is about to send a letter of call to Zuckerberg, to demand that the founder of Facebook testify in Europe, given the growing concern of European citizens over the privacy of Facebook.

Zuckerberg called to testify also in Europe

Zuckerberg called to testify in Europe

If Zuckerberg agreed, he would come face to face with some of the most severe critics in the technology sector. Europe, in fact, has much stricter legislation on Privacy and from May 25th the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which introduces new rules on the data protection of European citizensthe.

Facebook not ready for GDPR

The same Zuckerberg in his testimony before the Congress USA has admitted that Facebook is not yet ready for the entry into force of the GDPR, although he admitted that this is a good law. Initially, Mark Zuckerberg said he wanted to extend the protections provided by the GDPR to all Facebook users, regardless of the country of residence, but now he seems to want to backtrack.

Zuckerberg called to testify in Europe by Antonio Tajani

"Facebook hearings show that concerns persist in compliance with strict EU data privacy standards," Tajani said in a tweet. "We are confident that Mr. Zuckerberg will also be willing to answer our questions, proving that equally committed to being responsible to European citizens ”.

Zuckerberg: invitation to appear before the European Parliament

THE'invitation to appear before the European Parliament comes the day after that Zuckerberg testified for about 10 hours in total, in two sessions, before two groups of US legislators (Chamber and Senate) on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a data analysis company that had inadequately accessed personal data of about 87 million of users, of which 214 thousand Italians.

The unprecedented testimony of Zuckerberg

The one ofZuckerberg was the first appearance of a Facebook executive before the American legislative body, here rarely senators and deputies invite and question company executives.

What Europe wants to know From Zuckerberg

Just like their US counterparts, European Union officials want to have more explanations about how Facebook treats privacy

Vra Jourov, EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, said the representatives of Europe studying Facebook and the Cambridge Analytic scandal because "they need to know a lot more about what happened and about who". Vra Jourov offrenter directly with Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, these issues.

Because Zuckerberg should testify in Europe

The high stakes for Facebook in Europe, for this Zuckerberg should bear his testimony before the European Parliament. The European institutions have in fact shown that they do not fear the American giants, indeed they have repeatedly challenged and struck them: this is shown by the mega-fine of 2.4 billion euros imposed on Google for competition unfair, and even to Apple for more than $ 15 billion.

In May lEuropean Union has set his sights on even Facebook, fine the company for $ 122 million for misleading information about how Facebook shared information from WhatsApp users (owned by Facebook).

Privacy Facebook and GDPR

Next month Europe will begin to apply a new set of rules, the GDPR, which seek to limit the ways in which technology companies collect and monetize consumers' personal information. The violations could result in very high fines of up to 4% of the company's worldwide turnover, which for Facebook would mean 1.6 billion euros, based on the 2017 turnover.

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