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Zoom out photos: the best Android apps

Zoom out photos: the best Android apps

Have you taken stunning high quality photos with your smartphone but have quickly run out of available space in the internal memory? The best solution would be to save the photos on the cloud, but if you don't have one already installed, you need to find other solutions. Instead of canceling the shots (perhaps giving up the most beautiful photos just because they take up so much space) you can use one of the many alternative solutions. In these cases, to memorize all the photos you are taking on your journey, you can think about making the photos smaller using a free app. There are many applications that make this service, but we have selected only a few. Discover in this guide the best app to make small photos on Android.

Another reason why you need to shrink photos when you need to share some images via social media or send them quickly via email. A high-resolution photo takes longer to be downloaded from WhatsApp or other social media, as well as requiring a fast connection that we don't always have available.

How to zoom out of photos on Android

The first piece of advice to give you before proposing the best apps to reduce the weight of the photos, to install and use on your smartphone one of the many cloud storage services, such as Foto. Or, connect to your device a cloud service like DropBox or other free services that you can find in this guide. With this additional storage space, you will no longer need to reduce the quality of your photos while you're on the go, to keep them all in the phone's internal memory. Only if you haven't activated any cloud services yet, you can continue reading this guide and find out how to reduce the weight of your photos.

Photo & Picture Resizer

The first app to show you to make photos smaller Photo & Picture Resizer, available for free on the Play Store at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Photo & Picture Resizer

make the photo smaller Photo & Picture Resizer

With this app it will be a walk to make the photos smaller! Open the app and use the button Select photos, then choose the shots that you think should be made smaller. Once selected, tap You open at the top and choose the size to which you want to take the photos. This choice depends exclusively on your space requirements. However, don't reduce them too much because the photos will lose interest due to the low quality.

make smaller photo sizes

Your photos will be shrunk on the fly. Alternatively you can take the photos with the app itself and choose the appropriate size during acquisition.

Image Resizer

Another app very useful for making photos smaller Image Resizer, also available for free at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Image Resizer

make the Image Resizer smaller

With this app you have different possibilities: you can decrease the quality, make a real cropping (Crop) or make the photo smaller by changing its resolution (Width x Height). Select the preferred method to make the photo smaller and press up on Done to confirm the changes. Also this app allows you to directly capture the shots using the integrated camera, so as to immediately reduce the shots to the desired resolution avoiding this further step.

Image Size – Photo Resizer

If you are looking for a professional tool to make photos smaller, you can use the free appImage Size – Photo Resizer, available at the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Image Size – Photo Resizer

zoom out Image Size

With this app you can choose how to resize the photo. You can do it in pixels, in millimeters, in centimeters or in inches, so you always get the right compression. Currently this is one of the most complete app to make photos smaller, available for free for Android. I suggest you install it and always keep it close at hand, especially if you take photos with a 13 Megapixel camera in s.

More apps to make photos smaller

The ones I have reported to you are without a doubt the best apps out there to make small photos on an Android device, but there are many other similar apps you can try. Below is a small list of alternative apps to make photos smaller:

High quality photos

If you have solved your internal phone space problems, then this suggestion might be useful. If you need high quality shots for professional reasons, I suggest you use this photo storage method. Instead of using JPEG as the image format, try using RAW which preserves all the quality of the shot. If you don't know how to save a photo in RAW format, below we point out one of our guides in which you'll find the best apps for taking RAW photos on Android.

LINK | The best app for taking RAW photos on Android

Or, to discover other ways to reduce images, let's point out some other guides in which we have already spoken about them. If you want to deepen this topic I suggest you also read these posts:

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