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Zoom buys Keybase: end-to-end encrypted video conferencing coming soon

Zoom: 300 million daily users despite security concerns

Zoom bought Keybase, a startup that works in the field of digital security. It offers, among other things, an encrypted messaging app and cloud storage service. The goal of the acquisition is to integrate the end-to-end encryption in Zoom's video conferencing.

The deal is part of the ambitious 90-day plan to resolve the criticisms that have been made of Zoom over the past few weeks. One of them accused the company of having provided misleading information about end-to-end encryption: normally this term means that the communication is encrypted all the way from the sender to the recipient, therefore even in any intermediate stages (the company's servers, for example) it cannot be intercepted. Zoom said it also considered its servers "end".

With Keybase, therefore, Zoom will adapt to the common definition of the term. However, end-to-end encryption will be available to paying users only. The startup team is very small (by tech standards at least): 25 people. This is the first acquisition in Zoom's nine-year history.