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Zoom 5.0 to the rescue improves security, privacy and encryption

Zoom 5.0 to the rescue improves security, privacy and encryption

A long series of oversights on the processing of personal data, including the sharing of data with Facebook resolved on the fly, to which security and privacy concerns have been added, have led numerous schools, companies and US government agencies to ban their use: for the new version Zoom 5.0 the developer has blocked the programs for each new function to focus exclusively on privacy and security.

The new version has already been released in the past few hours and contains a long series of improvements on every aspect that has caused problems and garnered criticism in the past few weeks. The most relevant novelty is undoubtedly the adoption of AES 256-bit GCM encryption for total data protection as it passes through the network, protecting confidentiality and integrating also against tampering attempts. This superior level of system-wide security for all Zoom functions, including Zoom Meeting, Zoom Video Webinar and even Zoom Phone. To start working, all users must use the latest version Zoom 5.0 with activation of all accounts scheduled for May 30th.

Zoom 5.0 has collected it, improves security, privacy and encryption

Lupdate also resolves the criticisms related to some video calls transited on servers in China: now the administrator user can choose the geographical regions where the data centers are located to be used to manage meetings and online meetings, this not only at the account level but also for groups and single user. The list of Zoom 5.0 news is still long and entirely focused on security and privacy.

Thanks to a virtual waiting room, the event administrator can check and verify the identity of the people before they join the video call, in this way you avoid unwanted jokes and intrusions. The waiting room activated by default for basic accounts, education accounts and even single pro licenses, in any case the administrator can always activate it even when meetings are already in progress.

Also solved another problem criticized in the past weeks, namely that of non-mandatory user passwords, too simple and easily identifiable. By default, a password is required to access events, including those for basic accounts, licenses for schools and users of school age. Administrators can now determine the complexity required for passwords, including length, alphanumeric codes and special characters. Also for Zoom Phone it is possible to set the PIN length required for access.

Lapp Zoom for iOS sends the collected data to Facebook

Without a doubt, the number and scope of Zoom's remarkable privacy and security news, considering that the developer moved late and unfortunately only after the rain of criticism: the complete list available here. Now all that remains is to wait to see if the innovations introduced are able to reassure users and regain their trust in the platform.

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