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Zone Diet, an application for iPhone and iPod touch

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Do you want to stay in shape, eat better, control your weight? On the App Store there are many applications that help you in this task, but a few days ago also Zone Diet landed, a program inspired by the popular method created by Doctor Barry Sears.

The program, developed by Giulia Braga author of the bestseller "La Zona Italiana", mainly serves to recognize the right foods for each and to balance them with the Zona method. The application presents itself as "the simplest practical guide to correctly apply the Zone, pocket and interactive, an exclusive tutor who corrects you if you make a mistake in the balance and makes you avoid common mistakes".

Diet Zone allows you to calculate the daily requirement of blocks, based on the personal parameters of each, record and keep track of your progress, choose from ready meals, customize menus and shopping list based on the most popular foods, choose alternative menus for each meal, save your favorite men, decide what to order at the restaurant to balance a meal. The application lists over 120 foods and 2000 men for meals, 800 men for breakfast, 100 men for snacks. All weights are expressed in grams and it is possible to create a personalized shopping list.

Zone Diet costs € 7.99 and can be purchased from here