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ZombieBooth, we are all zombies with iPhone and touch

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ZombieBooth, we are all zombies with iPhone and touch –

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Motion Portait tries again. The Japanese developer known for Face Hours, an application that allows us to age relatives and friends on the iPhone using a photo of them, tries again and this time he puts in hand a "zombization" tool. ZombieBooth, this is the name of the new application, is just for this: to give a zombie look to the images we take or import into our iPhone (or iPod touch).

Zombie Booth, in practice and at the base, allows you to apply various effects to images creating an undead appearance with sharp teeth, rotting skin, hollow eyes. But it doesn't stop there. The images are rendered in 3D and manipulated, they can be rotated, moved and animated and if they have a finger within reach, they bite … There is no lack of themed sound effects and the possibility to export the images to the iPhone camera roll, to send them the email photos or share the results on Twitter.

Zombie Booth works with an automatic face recognition system and needs well-defined and recognizable images to operate at its best. The developer provides detailed information on how to have the best results: the forehead must be visible, the subject must look at the camera, it must be well lit. A light background helps face recognition.

ZombieBooth on sale at 79 cents on the App Store

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