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Zombie Smash, top graphics and gameplay on iPhone and touch

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A new Castle Defense and still Zombies. It could be a deja vue of many other App Store games, but Zombie Smash can stand out. The game developed by GameDoctors in fact emerges on the rest of the competition in various aspects, mixing skillfully and at an excellent graphic level, irony, game mechanics and action.

Defined as a "survival comedy", Zombie Smash entrusts us with the task all described in the title: to take out all the zombies that lay siege to our house scattered in a prairie shrouded in the night. In the part of Joey, the solitary defender of the mansion, we will have the fingertips available to destroy the hordes of undead who travel to the door and windows of the house. The weapons to use are the most varied and creative: from fiery asteroids, incendiary liquids, demolition balls, iron beams, mines, grenades, concrete boulders and whoever has more.

The physics of the game makes it more credible. In fact, the zombies are disarticulated, crushed, crushed and incinerated in a way very close to reality. And each of the zombies is destroyed and dies differently with state-of-the-art rag doll-style animations.

Zombie Smash can be played in campaign mode (31 days of house assaults) after which you can declare yourself as a winner. the main mode, during which more and more weapons are obtained in parallel with the growing siege of the zombies. weapons are purchased using the stars that are released by zombies killed during the campaign. In all there are 20 weapons available. In the course of the game we can see the statistics that we have achieved with killed zombies, survival time etc.

We can also play in continuous siege, with a rising and infinite wave of besiegers, and Sandbox Mode, which unlocks all weapons for complete and easy fun.

Zombies are of different types. There are those who shoot, those who carry bombs, those who travel faster or those slower. Being zombies we must also verify that they are really dead because they can easily resurrect. The mechanics of the game presents the need to preserve the "health" of the house which degrades as the zombies manage to reach it.

The game adds the inevitable "social" features with the sharing of screens on Crystla and Playheaven and a very funny soundtrack written by Chris Hlsbeck, author of music for Turrican, Giana Sisters and the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series

For quality of the animations, gameplay, replayability, ability to entertain, sound and irony Zombier Smash probably, in our opinion, one of the best games available on the App Store today, comparable to the immortal and fun Plants Vs Zombies from which it draws inspiration even without being a simple clone.

Zombie Smash for sale for 1.59 euros on the App Store