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Zombie Infection infects the ridicule of the iPhone and touch

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Zombie Infection infects the ridicule of the iPhone and touch –

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Our team made up of a soldier and a charming reporter thrown into South America to investigate the origins of a mysterious virus. Unfortunately for the protagonists (and fortunately for the players) the virus has already caused a disaster: men and animals are all transformed into rotting zombies hungry for fresh human meat. The premise of Zombie Infection, the new Gamelot title available for some hours on the App Store, closely resembles the latest episode of Resindent Evil, a similarity that we find in the plot, but also in the setting and style of play.

So on the Apple paperbacks we will have to try to focus our weapons well on zombies of any type and size before they devour us, In the meantime it will take some patrols to shed light on the origins of the virus, a more peaceful operation if it were not for the undead hidden everywhere. For the high quality of 3D graphics and the richness of details, Zombie Infection expected on the iPhone and touch since the release of the first screens about a month ago.

Now the game is available on the App Store and offers 12 game levels set in different South American scenarios: the port, a ship, a very particular zoo, the inevitable favelas for an end in a secret laboratory. In addition to fighting with the undead and hunting the virus, the title offers 20 trophies to unlock and above all a series of fatality moves that allow you to finish the zombies in a spectacular way using various combinations of controls. Below the official screens and trailer of the game.

Zombie Infection available on the App Store for € 5.49.

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