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ZDNet USA and ZDNet Italia for us are not the same

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ZDNet USA and ZDNet Italia are not the same for us

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Unfortunately, the two texts have literally been devastated by the translation. Beyond the dubious translation of some sentences that, in the effort to remain faithful to the letter end up taking away from the meaning, the most serious flaw in the fact that it is not at all a complete translation but of synthesis, moreover implemented with very questionable criteria .The interesting italics of Smith, for example, been mutilated in some essential parts like for example in the final where the author reflects on the possibility of an "Aqua" component for Windows, in case Microsoft lost part of the control on its operating system "componentizing it". Still worse gone to the article by Stephan Somogyi on Darwin. Here, perhaps due to the lack of competence on the part of the translator on some technical details of which the text packed (the I / 0 kit, input / output, is translated in Iokit), the author makes us the figure of the dyslexic. It is in fact a collection of sentences of a few words, most of which are unrelated to each other, sometimes characterized by bizarre translations of technical terms that should not be translated, others by untranslated terms (only Americans use to call the G3 series "G3s") or translated in the wrong way (David Gatwood we do not believe we can define the "manager" of MKLinux …). In addition, even in this case, there are no important reflections and considerations such as that, in our opinion relevant in which the author claims that all the changes made by the Open Source community will only be seen far ahead, after the release of MacOs X. we know if other articles on other subjects have been treated equally, we sincerely hope not. But if this were the case it would be really unpleasant to note that's interesting considerations on the world of information technology are so clumsily poured on the Italian market that it needs timeliness but also loyalty to the thinking and considerations of the authors.

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