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ZDNet: FinalCut Pro is a masterpiece

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ZDNet: FinalCut Pro a masterpiece logomacitynet1200wide 1

The best video editing software with a cost below $ 10,000. This is the very flattering judgment expressed by ZDNet on FinalCut Pro at the end of a review that has undergone a microscopic examination of the Apple package.ZDNet in its test finds many good qualities and very few defects in FinalCut. The new 2.0 version is faster than the previous one, although perhaps not faster than the 40% indicated by Apple; overall, the improvements make FinalCut capable of producing a consistent return in terms of time savings and, therefore, given that we are dealing with a product that is used for professional purposes also for money. ZDNet reports significant improvements in terms of simplification of the functions that they go hand in hand with an increase in their power to the point that the journalist who carried out the review claims that "FinalCut today on par if not superior to some professional Avid systems". Even the manual, according to ZDNet, of higher class, to point that more than instructions for using the program comparable to a compendium on digital video to the point of deserving, even if it existed, the Oscar of the manuals. "Our opinion – closes ZDNet – that FinalCut Pro 2.0 is the most intelligent of the video editing program available for less than $ 10,000 and, sold at a price of a tenth, has an incredible relationship between price and performance "

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