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Zanichelli brings the Art Encyclopedia on iPhone and iPod touch

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Zanichelli continues to bet on electronic publishing on the iPhone and iPod touch. After having published the Ragazzini 2010, the Morandini 2010 and the Zingarelli 2010, the prestigious publishing house specializing in reference volumes, it also launches its own Encyclopaedia of Art.

Like the other Zanichelli works, the Encyclopedia of Art contains the entire text of the paper edition and is proposed as an agile and practical system for fans of the subject and for all those who, even occasionally, love to visit museums or places of artistic value of our country. The electronic edition, with strong interactivity and research functions, as well as the pocket format by definition, presents artistic movements, genres and techniques of the visual arts and architecture of all time, from cave graffiti to video art. Scrolling between items you can read biographies of representatives of the classical arts such as painters, sculptors and architects, but also of representatives of the world of images, graphics and photographers, tapestry, cabinetmaking and art fusions such as medalists.

The Encyclopaedia of Art deals not only with the greats of the sector, such as Michelangelo, Raffaello, Leonardo, Rembrandt or Picasso, to whom detailed cards and timely presentations are dedicated, but also with minors "who – as Zanichelli herself explains – in every time and in each country have made a great contribution to the development of the arts ".

The iPhone and iPod touch edition of the Zanichelli work (developed like the rest by M.E.T.A.) includes 2500 entries, 165 learning pictures and links to the main museums and galleries in the world for further study.

The application costs € 14.99 and is downloaded from this link.