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Youtube: the most viewed videos in Italy in 2018

Youtube the most viewed videos in Italy of 2018. the official review of the contents with more views on youtube 2018.

The ranking of the most viewed videos in Italy on Youtube of 2018, the official one on Youtube, shows that to win talent, especially new talent.

Youtube most viewed videos in Italy

Youtube: the most viewed videos in Italy 2018

In the ranking Youtube of the most viewed videos in Italy 2018 we find Youtube professionals like iPantellas and mates. The are going strong parodies such as Young Dog who makes fun of the singer Young Signorino or the one up Alessandro Borghese that judges people. But in the Most viewed Youtube videos in Italy there are also serious themes like the monologue The night of Pierfrancesco Favino recited in Sanremo 2018 or the social experiment of FanPage in which a person shows up at the cash desk of a supermarket without money to pay for milk, bread, and eggs

Most viewed video on Youtube 2018

What is the most watched video on Youtube in 2018? The most watched video on youtube of 2018 in Italy is the hearing of Martina Attili, the competitor of XFactor who introduced himself with his unpublished Cherophobia. But the over 18 million views were not enough and the young singer-songwriter was then eliminated by XFactor in the semifinals. After two performances like this, Martina Attili lost public support. The immense success and the magic of Cherophobia remains, a truly new song on the Italian scene.

  1. Martina Attili and her "Cherophobia" | Auditions 1
  2. iPantellas – Tisana (Official Video)
  3. For those not SLAs – Comici Sardi Uniti – official video
  4. Alessandro Borghese judges people
  5. The own goals – Hymn of the non-World Cup – Formentera 2018 (feat. Dj Matrix)
  6. Young Cagnolino – Bau arf arf arf
  7. Sanremo 2018 – Pierfrancesco Favino excites with the monologue La notte … "
  8. Cristiano Ronaldo reacts to the video where I find him on FIFA + Crossbar challenge
  9. Arrives at the cash desk but has no money for bread and milk, people's reactions (Social experiment)
  10. Mates – Five-way interview!

Youtube most viewed music videos in Italy 2018

Almost all Italian artists dominate the list of the most viewed music videos on Youtube of 2018. Takagi & Ketra with Giusy Ferreri and their Amore Capoeira are placed first. The duo shoves one success behind the other. In second place Baby K with from Zero to one hundred and then Ghali with what became a classic Cara Italia. From Monza to the world passing through Amici, after failing in Sanremo, Irama arrives with his Nera. The first of the foreigners in the ranking of the most watched music videos in Italy Alvaro Soler in 4th place with La Cintura. The former friends J-Ax and Fedez are in 5th place with Italiana, followed by Fred De Palma, The social status, Carl Brave and Thegiornlaisti.

  1. Takagi & Ketra – Amore and Capoeira ft. Giusy Ferreri, Sean Kingston
  2. Baby K – From zero to one hundred
  3. Ghali – Cara Italia (Prod. Charlie Charles)
  4. Nera Irama Official video
  5. Alvaro Soler – The Belt
  6. J-AX & Fedez – Italian
  7. Fred De Palma – D’Estate non vale (feat. Ana Mena) (Official Video)
  8. The Social State – A Life On Vacation (Sanremo 2018)
  9. Carl Brave – Photography ft. Francesca Michielin, Fabri Fibra
  10. The journalists – This is our stupid love song