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YouTube lands on iPhone and Apple TV

YouTube lands on the iPhone. The news, another of the "secret" news that Apple is revealing day by day, was released today by the same house in Cupertino. An application developed directly by Apple to perform the bridging function between the digital video site and the phone. The streaming of the video passer both on the Edge cellular network and on Wifi, specifies a note from the manufacturer.

iPhone will not access flash content (which notoriously not supported by iPhone) but all H.264 movies that YouTube is preparing to introduce in its offer. The transition to this functional Codec also for viewing on AppleTv.

And speaking of AppleTV, in the same press release announcing the arrival of YouTube videos on the iPhone, Apple announces that the update software for the media extender is now available, thanks to which you can access YouTube services.

According to Apple, June 29th, iPhone launch date, 10,000 H.264-encoded movies will already be; gradually and after a transition that will last a few weeks all YouTube content will be in H.264.

?Thanks to the iPhone – says Jobs – our users will be able to access YouTube content wherever they are. The combination of H.264 with Wifi support, the 3.5-inch screen and the dedicated application, in addition to the multi-touch screen, will give rise to the best YouTube experience available today on a mobile device.

Here the demo of how YouTube works on iPhone