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YouTube against fake news focuses on authoritative videos and invests

Fake News youtube

YouTube against fake news invests 25 million dollars on those who produce quality content. The goal is to improve online journalism

YouTube against Fake News e, in parallel to this battle, it grows its commitment to raise the level of journalism quality in the digital environment. With an additional investment of 25 million dollars (as announced in a blog post) to support lauthoritative information and quality conveyed by the video published on the platform.

Fake News youtube

Youtube against fake news focuses on quality videos and authoritative news: invested 25 million dollars

The Youtube battle against Fake News

Reduce the space accordingly, the visibility of online videos they carry buffaloes and theories of plot, offering users a series of tools to decide what to choose to see (and what not) on the video sharing platform. And offering them access to high quality information. To improve the YouTube experience. the lens of the Mountain View giant, especially in the light of the recent disinformation campaigns who tried to exploit the network, with particular regard to social networks, influencing the elections in the United States (and not only).

Youtube Breaking News and Top News

The investment that a fund of the value of 25 million dollars intended to support projects in 20 countries to allow the newspapers to create a series of sustainable video projects. The experience of using news on YouTube will be improved by providing: more sources and context in the case of Breaking News on YouTube, more space for the Top News sections on YouTube (similar speech for the breaking news), more and more attention to local news.

Support to publishers against fake news

And again, support for publishers and training courses and best practices on the care of the audience, the choice of formats and technical integrations. "The authoritativeness is a fundamental factor for users, especially in the case of news of the last hour and situations in constant development. We believe we have a responsibility to support innovation through information products and funds ”, a passage from the blog post signed Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer is Robert Kyncl, YouTube's Chief Business Officer.

Google News Initiative, the principle of everything

Last March, Google presented Google News Initiative, a commitment from 300 million dollars in the next three years to bring out and consolidate the quality journalism against disinformation, helping news portals to grow in a commercial way, exploit technology to bring innovation to newsrooms, develop tools to help journalists perform their jobs in the best possible way.

YouTube has 1.8 billion active users per month