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Your phone really listens to you, you're not paranoid

phone listens to you

Those oddly relevant advertisements on your timeline are not just a coincidence, your phone listens to you and hears everything you say.

Those oddly relevant advertisements on your timeline are not just a coincidence, your phone listens to you and hears everything you say.

Your phone listens to your conversations

Did you ever happen? You're at the bar and you're talking about your own niche interest and then one of your everyday apps shows you exactly what you're talking about.

You might be led to think you are a bit paranoid and maybe you inadvertently clicked on some link.

Yes, instead, now you have discovered that you are not paranoid: your phone actually listens to you and Sam Nichols from Vice has had the opportunity to investigate the matter.

The phone listens to you to recognize the keywords

According to Dr. Peter Henway, senior consultant for the security of the cybersecurity company Asterix, the phone always listening. Technically, the phone only records what is said when you say activation words like Hey Siri or Okay Google but, since it must be able to hear the keywords, always listening.

To help process requests and understand those keywords, the phone listens to you and processes what you say about the device, instead of through the cloud. You can access this integrated data from any third-party application on your phone with appropriate permissions, such as the Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat apps. It then depends totally on these apps whether they want to use the data or not and what they want to use them for.

From time to time, fragments of audio return to the servers (of other apps like Facebook) but there is no official understanding of what the triggers are "Henway explained. "Whether it is a specific timeframe or localization or the use of certain functions, (some apps) are definitely extrapolating the permissions of the microphone and using them periodically.

Facebook under accusation, listened to the phone calls

It is worth emphasizing that Facebook, like other similar companies, absolutely denies listening to our conversations, yet it seems that it touches from time to time topics that come only from verbal conversations in real life.

applications send this data in encrypted form, Henway continues, so it is very difficult to define the exact trigger.

Henway also explains that there could be thousands of keywords for each app as the information is encrypted and therefore difficult to untangle.

Given that Google is clear about this, I would take it for granted that other companies are doing the same, he comments. Really, there is no reason why they shouldn't. both from a marketing point of view and their agreements with end users and the law both allow it, so I suppose they are doing it, but there is no way to be sure.

If your phone is listening to you, is my data safe?

This is the problem, there is really no way to be sure of what is happening. But is this necessarily a cause for concern? With the GDPR rules now active across Europe, it is worth asking whether these actions violate these new regulations. However, advertisers are unlikely to have access to data at all, and companies like Facebook would not sell the data, but would simply use it to target ads to the key markets advertisers demand.

Henway claims that while certainly unnerving to see advertising change so drastically based on what you said, not at all different from companies that use our web browsing history to target ads.

Facebook, meanwhile, has claimed not to use the devices' targeting microphone.

phone listens to you

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