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You can now publish stories on Google Earth

You can now publish stories on Google Earth

A valuable tool for schools, but also for those who want to tell more about a recent trip

Google Earth stories(Photo: Google)

Telling a recent adventure trip with a map in front has a completely different effect, because obviously it adds emphasis to the narrative. And what about a history or geography lesson, supported by a beautiful map for immediate and more easily understandable references? To make these two examples possible and to give full rein to the creativity and imagination of its users Google Earth introduced a new feature creation tools which allows everyone to take advantage of the rich three-dimensional digital representation of our planet.

For now only available for web version and not yet on Android or iOs apps, the stories function presents itself as a flexible tool thanks to the possibility of placing pins and markers, drawing lines and shapes, writing text but also add own multimedia content as photos and videos as real slides.

You can choose between the classic three-dimensional bird's-eye view or the street-level view thanks to the immense database of photos of Google Street View. All available free of charge from the official website to give free rein to your desire to tell.

Not only that: just a click on the appropriate icon to lean on your user of Google Drive and share the project with friends, colleagues or relatives in a very simple way. Stories can also be opened from Android or iPhone smartphones, but for the moment they cannot be changed from mobile.

Once the job is done, just select the command Present to launch the presentation and start the story. Google has thought of this functionality for private users as well as for educational purposes, following the philosophy behind the Voyager project which debuted together with the new design of the service and which offered insights on historical places and facts accessible from Google Earth and signed by famous storytellers.


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