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Yes, Angry Birds is ten years old

Well yes, Angry Birds is ten years old just today. It was the11 December 2009 in fact when the famous mobile game was launched by Rovio Entertainment, Finnish development house.

The game was put on the market for free, and was the first game designed for mobile to reach the goal of one billion downloads. But this is not his only record: it was also the first mobile game to be used in the space, and it was also downloaded to the most remote corners of the Earth, such as Antarctica.

To date, Angry Birds can count on 4.5 billion downloads and, despite having perhaps lost some of the initial appeal regarding the gaming aspect, the franchise it continues to perform rather well, having ground a lot of merchandise and also a film with considerable revenues, which was followed by a second chapter.

After the incredible success of the first chapters of Angry Birds, however, the company struggled to stay on top; many investments have proved fruitless, forcing Rovio to painfully restructure, and then go public. 2019 finally brought with it a new one augmented reality game which sees once again the protagonists of the birds made famous by the franchise: it's called Angry Birds – Isle of Pigs, and was launched last April.