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YellowDog Linux 2.3: pure Linux for Macintosh

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Terra Soft Solutions updates the previous version of its Linux distribution for Macintosh PPC to 2.3, bringing the colors and transparencies of the KDE 3.0 desktop themes, as well as the print management and printer control system: CUPS ( Common UNIX Printing System), soon to be adopted also on X 10.2 Jaguar, chosen to simplify the whole process, adding support to a wide range of printers.

Similarly to the control panel of the automatic update of the other Operating Systems, obviously an indispensable requirement, this distribution also includes "apt-get" a utility originally written by Debian, for monitoring the availability of new OS components. 900 applications of all kinds (there is even a GUI written in Java for the configuration of the AirPort Base Station), support this interpretation of Linux for our Macintosh PPC, dedicated to "New World ROM" type machines, ie G3 Yosemite white and blue up to the latest hardware (for previous machines it will be necessary to use the BootX utility), and also with the support of the ATI Radeon 7500 video card (except the "Mobility"). Clearly the YDL can be placed alongside the pre-existing Mac OS and Mac Os X, allowing you to switch naturally from one system to another

Among the other "plus", YellowDog Linux 2.3 also offers a list of improvements, compared to the previous one, which make it a choice worthy of serious consideration:

kernel 2.4.19KDE 3.0.1 OpenOffice 1.0CUPS print systemapt-get for RPMMozilla 0.9.9Galeon 1.2Evolution 1.0.5AbiWord 1.0.2Netatalk plugin

At the moment the package that can be purchased online, on the company's store, starting from 29.95 US dollars, while its availability, to be downloaded from TerraSoft's FTP servers, has been postponed to 5 July 2002. In Italy, Terra Soft Solutions products are distributed by ATHENA srl of Modena.