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Yeelight YLCT01YL review, homekit and USB-C bedside lamp

Yeelight YLCT01YL review, homekit and USB-C bedside lamp

Yeelight, part of Xiaomi, one of the main international brands when it comes to smart lights for the home, and in its vast line up there is also the bedside one, to recreate any desired atmosphere. We have already tried the larger model of Xiaomi a few months ago and we have shown you the control capabilities with Homekit and the Yeelight application.

Compared to its "cousin" this model of reduced dimensions, especially in height but always excellent for creating the atmosphere in the bedroom or as an accessory light in the living room. The control modes have always been strictly touch and Yeelight has thought well to differentiate the color of the device's plastics: the top the white methacrylate and the bottom a gray proof of too many touches and aging.

The product box that arrived in preview from China has inside the lamp, a manual with ideograms and the power supply with Chinese plug. Obviously the international / European versions will have the socket that does not require an adapter.

The most surprising and convenient thing that the power supply has on the other end a normal socket USB-C and that, by reading in the specifications the 5volt and 0.2 Ampere power supply: in practice we can connect it without problems to any power supply with USB socket and USB-C cable and also to a charger to be able to use it regardless of the mains current.

This opens up possibilities of use as a colored table center on a summer evening or spot use in the garden with a charge in a powerbank and puts it in indirect competition (the versatility is not so immediate) with the rechargeable lights of the competition (like the Eve System Flare we tried on this page).

With a power of 5W it offers a WRGB color adjustment, with a color rendering index Ra80. It connects to the home system via IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 GHz WiFi connection, and does not require any external hub for correct operation. Inside equipped with Bluetooth module V4.2 BLE which probably allows its management to synchronize with the remote controls for the Yeelight ceiling lights such as those we have tried on this page.

It works mainly as a night light, capable of offering a color temperature between 2700 and 6000K. The lamp has a weight of just 800 grams, with ideal dimensions for a bedside table and a medium-sized room, i.e. 14.80 x 14.80 x 14.50 cm.

Among its features, of course, that of being able to recreate any desired atmosphere, with warm and cold white lights, but also thanks to the colors. It is, in fact, an RGB lamp, which integrates perfectly with the Apple Homekit ecosystem and below you see some screens of its configuration and control.

Obviously with Homekit you have access to Siri's voice control but thanks to Yeelight you can insert it into a home automation system with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

In addition to voice control, of course, you can also control from the Yeelight app, available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

The design of this truly original bedside lamp, also because it lights up practically in its entirety, leaving only the support base off. In addition to the controls via voice commands and apps, there is also a soft touch slider, which allows you to better adjust the desired color temperature.

Unfortunately, the instructions in Chinese cannot explain the interaction required for "manual" use, but we have summarized below the command possibilities which, as mentioned, are carried out either by pressing quickly or by pressing the power button for 5 seconds or by sliding your fingers on the lower right or left side of the lamps in the ways that we explain below

Instructions for use

Short press on the central button: on / off Long press on the central button: change mode: color temperature / color mode

Scrolling on the left side to adjust color temperature and choose color In color temperature mode: – from front to back the color temperature rises and vice versa

In color selection mode – any direction: RGB adjustment

Scroll on the right side to adjust brightness – from front to back the color temperature rises and vice versa

To reset, press the front button and keep a finger on the right side for 5 seconds.

Our test

Having verified the efficiency of the "manual" control which actually requires a few days to remember the various options (especially in the phases close to sleep in the evening and in the morning) we must evaluate that the inclusion in Siri immediately and the very simple management also through Siri as for all the other lamps. The beauty of this lamp that choosing the color and intensity well can really make it work as a system to give an accent to a living room or create a light that calms the sleep of a child. "Spherical" also makes it comfortable to place it behind a TV if you are in an open space.

The thing that pleasantly surprised us as said at the beginning, the power supply with a USB-C: this makes the availability of a fixed and rechargeable power source immediate.

The choice to differentiate the color of the base from the lighting body is appreciable.


  • Ambient light effect
  • "Solid" colors and excellent management even of the lowest brightness
  • USB-C connection for charging which also makes it possible to use external batteries


  • Manual adjustment at first approach is somewhat cumbersome
  • Power supply with Chinese plug that requires an adapter (in the tested copy

Retail price

Yeelight YLCT01YL bedside lamp for sale for less than 50 Euros on Gearbest: check the current price at this link.