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Yamaha EC-02, an iPod docking system "with wheels"

Many could be misled, but this is not a mistake: the Yamaha "docking system" that we are presenting a motorcycle, more precisely a mini electric scooter.

A small motorcycle designed for metropolitan roads: no petrol, eco-friendly power supply, maximum speed of 18 miles per hour and autonomy of 40 miles that can be traveled at maximum speed.

The most curious aspect is the presence of a dock base, disguised as a fake tank, on which to insert your iPod, to spread the music externally through the integrated speakers. Being an electric motor, the silence allows you to listen to the songs even during the displacements; however, an audio jack for the headphones is available, in case you want to go more unnoticed. The latest highlight, the fluorescent effect of the fairing, to make it more trendy or more visible, depending on your point of view.

Currently sold only in Japan, the Yamaha EC-02 sold at a price of around 2,000 Dollars; there is no news of a future landing also on western markets.