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Xtrememac, wave of accessories for iPod shuffle

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Xtrememac has announced a series of new accessories for iPod shuffle. These are 13 products, all now almost ready for the commercial launch that will take place in March.

The first one FM transmitter, presented as the first compatible with the shuffle range. The cost for the American market will be $ 49.95. There is also one car charger, cost 24.95 and Bumperz one protective band in silicone plastic made in 15 different colors. Xtrememac will sell packs of five at a price of $ 19.95. Sportwrap one armband suitable for jogging use; resist the humidity will be available in four colors and will be sold at a cost of $ 29.95.

It is called Shieldz instead custody in transparent plastic that will be produced in nine colors. A pack of three $ 19.95. Wrapz instead one thin plastic sheath useful to prevent scratches (cost 24.95 in packages of three, nine colors available). TuffWrapz does the same thing as Wrapz but the thicker plastic sheath. Here too there are nine colors and three-packs (always cost $ 24.95).

SuperHook a transport hook made of aluminum and costs $ 19.95, while Superclicp a clip useful for attaching iPod shuffle to belts and straps (cost $ 14.95).

Audiosplitter allows the connection of two headphones to the same iPod shuffle ($ 12.95), Audio Kit for iPod shuffle a set of accessories for connection to car radios, home stereos, loudspeakers (price $ 45.95). Home stereo cable useful for connecting iPod shuffle to an RCA stereo plug and will be on sale for $ 12.95. Finally Auxiliary Audio Cable, a adapter for portable speakers. The price of $ 12.95.