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Xserve, key event for the Unix world

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Xserve, key event for the Unix world – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Xserve something more and better than a niche product. It is good news for everyone, especially for those who need the solidity of Unix but also a simple interface and hardware consistent with the software. The opinion does not come from an Apple brochure but from David Coursey, PC user and executive director of ZDNet but for some time very attentive also to the Apple world.Coursey, in an article that presents the characteristics of Xserve, closes the article illustrating the because it is something extremely interesting even outside the Mac world. "Xserve – says Coursey – will help Apple recover the market that was missing due to the lack of a server solution. Among these the schools. Apple, then, after bringing a friendly interface on the basis of Unix, brings the same ease of use also in the world of servers and this is the icing on the cake. Xserve provides a solution at an affordable cost in the biotechnology, creative and video market "Coursey then claims that many competitors will find themselves in difficulty because, although they offer similar products, they are not able to provide the same ease of use. Finally, many small and medium-sized users, who chose Windows to not be able to face the costs of purchasing and maintaining Unix servers, now have an alternative using a system with a friendly interface and which has a robustness higher than that of Windows "I think – Coursey closes – that the arrival of Xserve is a key event both for Apple and in the history of Unix. E3 a Unix server for the mass that comes from the only company in the world that to date also makes a Unix operating system for the average user "

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