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Xiaomi Smart Basket Review: brilliant idea but the spare parts?

Recensione Cestino Smart Xiaomi: idea geniale ma i ricambi?

You can find any more or less smart home accessory on which the Xiaomi brand? In recent months we have seen everything and more and this thanks also to the fact that Xiaomi in addition to dealing personally with brands such as Yeelight and others works as an incubator for many companies in East Asia and promotes and distributes them through large e-commerce Chinese: see for example the smart tap, the smart soap dispenser etc.

However, there is a distinctive trait that unites the various products and a minimal and dry design where it is the white color and rounded rectangles that are not missing even in the smart ABS bin / bin / dustbin that we show you in this test. From now on we will simply call it the Xiaomi Smart Basket.

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The basket made of ABS and has a volume of 15.5 liters and the smart part concealed in the back: we find a power socket and a switch that at first glance seems unusual in a basket: it actually powers an engine that has two functions: opens the upper door for the immediate insertion of waste, opens the upper block in a maintenance mode and cuts the bag with subsequent sealing. In addition, in the lower part there is a fan that somehow serves to extract the bad smells that could be generated inside the basket especially if you use it for fish or other perishable food.

Xiaomi Smart Basket Review: brilliant idea but the spare parts?

The power supply depends on a small external transformer that will connect only for the re-charging phase of the internal 2000mhA battery. To exploit it also the infrared sensor located in the upper part that detects the movement of the hand and opens the door.

The most particular element of the basket given by the supplied bag is of a very particular type: a long tubular element with a square section that is accumulated in the upper part of the basket inside a space that goes around the hole.

The bag has a first installation, when full it closes and welds and the system extracts the next tubular part by extracting it from above downward.

The material of the bag is typical of the non-recyclable garbage and therefore suitable for non-wet material that would be difficult to classify or throw in plastic or paper and therefore its use depends somewhat on the environment in which you will use the basket.

The main problem, however, that in the long term it is difficult to find tubular bags and above all that the best use would be that with wet material for several reasons: the use of the sensor rewards the fact of not having to touch the lid and being able to spill the waste with both hands occupied (typical use in the kitchen when you have to empty dishes and pots), the ability to close the bag useful for eliminating bad smells and transporting the bag in maximum safety.


Given these premises and after having exhausted the original bag, we tried to use standard bags that the local waste collection company made available to us: here we were unlucky because the dimensions are too small and it is difficult to lock the bag in the upper ring.

We have had better luck with non-standard bags for lumido longer than 60 cm: in this case the lightness of the material and the possibility of closing it at the top allowed us to use the basket in all its functions (collection-closure-sealing- cut).

If, on the other hand, you want to use large standard bags (those for non-recyclable rubbish), easier to find, you will lose the opportunity to seal the bag because the thickness of the material exceeds the welding capacity of the system, also because the material that accumulates offers greater resistance to the folds compared to the very light tubular supplied.

So how can you use it once you have brought it home with you in love with its design and smart capabilities? If you are lucky enough to travel to China you can buy original spare parts probably at a relatively low price (see the price for ordering in Europe at the bottom), if you want to use it for wet material you will have to look for very long special bags that are difficult to find (we will we have found in a local supermarket and not online) if instead you want to use it in the bathroom for mixed material (rolls of toilet paper, cottonfioc and more) you have to decide how to manage the waste whether to separate it or not and in most cases give up the sealing function , always having the foresight to use an oversized bag in length to be able to hook it in the upper part.


The smart basket of Xiaomi undoubtedly has an excellent comfortable design to not get your hands dirty in any way, has a long battery life and easy recharge (two hours of charging for a month of average use in our test) but is heavily affected by the availability and cost of consumables to make it work as per "project". If you adapt to using standard bags of extra length you can take advantage of the interface without touch and courtesy lighting but you will be unable to close the bag as with the original bag.

Are design and originality worth the expense? And an answer that we leave to readers.


  • Excellent Design: it adapts to modern bathrooms and kitchens and does not even clash in the office
  • Maximum hygiene: you will no longer touch the lid while the garbage is being thrown
  • Well balanced and difficult to tip over
  • The courtesy light helps in use even in dark rooms


  • The original bags cannot be found as a spare
  • The original bags are available at a cost of 32-34 Euros for 6 pieces (!) Directly on Gearbest.
  • Difficult to find suitable bags that take advantage of the welding and cutting option
  • High price given the difficulty of ad hoc feeding

Retail price

The basket costs about 87 Euros On Gearbest – start from this page to check the current price and availability.