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X2 Snowboarding: console-style stunts on the iPhone and touch

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X2 Snowboarding: console-style stunts on the iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A quick glance at the screens and the first videos of X2 Snowboarding is enough to understand that this new title of the X2 developer brings on iPhone and touch a gaming experience very similar to those already tried on console living room. Not only for the graphic impact, Snowboarding makes extensive use of cel-shaded graphics, but above all for playability and for the control system. In addition to the accelerometer, we have the main controls available on the touch screen: depending on the stunts and obstacles to be tackled, the traditional buttons on the left are replaced with the design of a snowboard board on which we can operate three buttons. The mechanism works well also allows us to use two very special abilities to our advantage: the first is to be able to go back in time by a few fractions of a second to change our choices and take advantage of a platform or a jump that we had skipped. Then when, following successful combos and spectacular stunts, our adrenaline hits the top, you can also enter a slow motion mode, perfect for performing even more dangerous numbers and stunts in combos with better control of the action.

X2 Snowboarding offers everything we would expect to find in a console title: choice of characters with different characteristics, a good number of tracks and tracks, different game modes for time trials, acrobatics, freestyle, not least a soundtrack with the right rhythm for this extreme sport, also curated and created under official license. The multiplayer modes are already available for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while the developer ensures that with the first update it will also be possible to compete via the Internet online.

X2 Snowboarding available on the App Store for € 5.49.

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