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WWDC week

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WWDC week – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The week that opens tomorrow will be marked by WWDC, the Apple global developer conference. The appointment, the largest worldwide event for third parties and all those who work professionally in the field of products for the Mac operating system, will be inaugurated with the lecture by Steve Jobs. The contents of the speech are partly known. In fact, Apple has announced that the CEO will present Jaguar, the next Mac OS X implementation. At the time of the update, very little is known. Some sites have revealed that details of the interface regrets, such as impulse folders, will never return, but the details are extremely scarce. Not even the certain name: will it be called Mac OS 10.2 or 10.5? Will it be paid or free? How will it be distributed? When will it be ready? According to some sources, then, there may also be great news in the operating system itself, news that will benefit manufacturers and end users. In addition to the new OS, it is not excluded that Jobs may present new large converted applications for Mac OS X. Apple has several times said in recent days that many developers in the scientific, educational and commercial fields are looking with interest at the new OS. Some of these could take the opportunity to announce new releases or their landing on the planet Apple. For hardware, details on new connectivity systems are expected, such as FireWire 2 and, above all, Bluetooth that Apple has embraced firmly in recent days In short, what is about to open could be the most interesting of WWDC in recent years and Mac users, even those who are not specifically interesting in the field of programming and development, would do better to keep their ears open to listen to the " beat โ€of the Apple that will arrive from San Jos

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