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Wozniak: Apple is wrong in Europe

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The e-mail from our friend and collaborator arose on the basis of some of the decisions taken recently and which left the impression that in the face of some progress (for example the decision to simultaneously release operating systems in many languages) there was also a few steps back. It is the case, again to mention a rather recent episode, of the MacWorld Expo in which new Internet services were launched as great innovations capable of revolutionizing the life of Mac users. Yet, despite this relief, weeks after their announcement, iCards, iTools, iReview remain largely in English, reducing their palatability for that large slice of audience that doesn't speak English well. forget the canceled fairs, the centralization of the marketing sectors, the progressive "Americanization" of the Mac European world due perhaps to reasons of economy of scale but also, there is the suspicion, to a scarce knowledge and perhaps also consideration of what happens at the outside the USA "Don't you think – asks Fabio in this regard Wozniak – that Apple in many cases proves not to realize that there is a world left of San Francisco and right of New York? Why does Apple focus all its attention on the American market and is dedicated to the rest only if it has a few minutes of time that it does not know what to do? "." Apple – answers the Woz – has problems managing marketing in areas outside those to which we have a smaller presence or a solid base of faithful users. This is the consequence of an installed base that is too small ”. To change this situation, adds Wozniak, there are areas where things could be better "it would be enough to have the right people inserted in the local context and just societies to work with" .Apple, in any case, for the past had no choice: "Ci are good reasons – says Wozniak – to concentrate their forces on the easier markets when things are not going well. Wrong to insist in this perspective when things, like today, are better ”. What solutions then? Wozniak does not have them ready even if the example of Japan shows that if well-used resources are not wasted, "I think Apple should take an example from what happens in Japan in the future. Things are good because a great job has been done. For Europe I don't know what to say. I don't know anything specific about it, nor in the market nor from its management in recent years ”.