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Worldwide panic: Amazon Alexa loses voice in the spot with Jeff Bezos


A few days after the launch of Apple's smart speaker, HomePod with Siri on board, Amazon's move could not be missing, which at the moment announced, through a short commercial, the loss of voice for Alexa. In reality, this is a gimmick with which the giant anticipates new arrivals for smart speakers.

At the moment only a nice 30 seconds teaser trailer. The video shows a classic interaction with the Echo speaker, only to find out that Alexa has completely lost her voice. The spot continues in panic-stricken Amazon headquarters, where Jeff Bezos, along with his team, works to find a replacement or replacement immediately. This is the spot that will be aired during the Super Bowl next Sunday.

Alexa has lost her voice. As possible asks Bezos. An employee advances the possibility of "substitutions", using the plural. When Bezos asks if the solution will work, the employee nods in an attempt to reassure everyone, leaving a bit of concern on the face of the Amazon administrator.

The spot ends on February 4 in plain sight, the day the Super Bowl meeting between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots will take place. Presumably, on that occasion, Amazon will reveal the new rumors for Alexa, with a full commercial during the game.

Just a few days after the Super Bowl, on February 9, Apple will make available HomePod, the smart speaker, powered by the voice assistant Siri: it will be delivered to the first customers who pre-ordered it as well as in stores in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia, the top three launch countries. In any case, Amazon's move arrives on time in an attempt to divert attention from the Apple peripheral, which a few days after launch does not seem to have been reached by the high demand, which is usually recorded for smartphones and other flagship products of Cupertino.