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World Poetry Day: only classics of literature today at 79 cents

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World Poetry Day: only classics of literature today at 79 cents –

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All AnnoteBook at 79 cents. Here is the initiative that Dathlon, known for its digital volumes with classic works distributed by the App Store, launches for this Sunday 21 March, World Day of Poetry called by UNESCO.

World Poetry Day, scheduled every year since 1999, therefore turns into a unique opportunity to download and always keep on hand on your iPhone and iPod Touch the immortal works of some of the greatest masters of Italian and English poetic art, in a format that allows you to associate your own notes "in the margin" of each individual verse. The offer also applies to "Dante: Divine Comedy" which, in addition to the full version of the masterpiece of the Supreme Poet, contains, already preloaded, the full commentary by Niccol Tommaseo.

AnnoteBooks, in addition to the annotation function, have functions such as memorizing the last page visited, search engine by word, choice of font sizes and background color; for some works are available index of characters and places and plot.

The annotebooks are as follows – Dante: Divine Comedy – Homer: Odyssey – Homer: Iliad – Virgil: Aeneid – Ariosto: Orlando Furioso – Badger: Jerusalem Liberated – Leopards: Chants – Foscolo: All poems – Taxes: The Secchia Rapita – D 'Annunzio: Laudi– Carducci: Works

In English: – Dante: Divine Comedy – Lewis Carroll: 101 Poems – Shakespeare: Sonnets – Milton: Paradise Lost – Regain'd

Click here to access the Dathlon AnnoteBook index page

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