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Word and Excel for Palm OS?

Word and Excel for Palm OS? logomacitynet1200wide 1

At the Gartner?s Symposium / ITxpo 2000 Steve Ballmer announced that Microsoft could start to take an interest in the Palm platform, to the point that Word and other famous applications could work on the Palm. The code name of the .NET operation. This is an initiative aimed at making Microsoft applications usable on multiple platforms. Since Palm and Palm OS hold the leadership of the handheld market, it is obvious that Microsoft is attempting to migrate in that direction as well. Palm holds 70% of the market with over 7 million handheld devices sold without considering the transfer of the license to Handpring, Sony and TRG. Microsoft would therefore seem more interested in selling applications for Palm OS rather than increasing the modest 15% held by PocketPCs and old Windows CE-based devices. The news appears to be an extreme attempt after the surprise release of Documents to Go in version DataViz professional. Remember that Documents to Go is no longer just a way to read documents generated by the desktop but a real text editor and a real spreadsheet.

(Edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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