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Women's health applications

It makes sense to talk about App for women? I think so, considering the fact that women use smartphones with the same intensity as boys, and this is why the app for women has rightly increased recently. The Apps range in all areas of the female world, from the health, allaesthetics, from the kitchen a fashion. In this article we want to point out the apps that only concern the medical / gynecological aspect, referring to other posts concerning the other aspects of the female world.

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The best app for women

iPeriod the application free is pro which replaces the classic x notebook, designed to keep the menstrual cycle under control, considering also some collateral aspects such as weight, mood, symptoms and body temperature.

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<p>Specifically this App born for <strong>iOS</strong>, so for <strong>iPhone </strong>is<strong> iPad</strong>, but other similar applications exist for <strong>Android</strong>, such as <strong>My menstrual calendar</strong>, Free app that keeps track of ovulation, fertility and the period, recording anything of itself such as symptoms, moods, weight, temperature, etc. The interesting and curious aspect of this app lies in the fact that it is very colorful and nice . To signal the days of your cycle, and not only, there will be a nice kitten.</p>
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<p dir=UnApp for iOS covering the gynecological aspect iGyno, he fought the most bought app in the world, created in collaboration with lEuropean Association of Gynecologists, which, through a demonstration video, helps to carry out correctly lbreast self-examination, customized reports to be submitted to your doctor, a calendar to remember how many days are left to give birth.

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<p dir=Compatible for iPhone is iPad, the price of 0.99. but it's worth buying because it's really useful. It also includes gynecological consultations that women can purchase through the application and are delivered within an hour of the request. iGyno a real virtual gynecologist, who helps women manage all aspects of the female world and above all teaches them to do prevention.

A help for the woman waiting for a child for sure iMamma, which acts as a mediation point between the expectant mother and the gynecologist, to help her manage this delicate phase of life.

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<p dir=Help that can give this free app for iOS that of informing the mother about each week of gestation and illustrating what the problems foreseen for that particular period are. Some functions provided are the memos on exams to be made, the list of recommended foods, and also the count-kicks. Through theiPhone or iPad allows women to be monitored at all stages, from the fertility period to the progress of pregnancy. iMamma able to help pregnant women starting from a purely clinical to psychological, nutritional, aesthetic and recreational aspect.