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All the rumors reported by Macity on the plans for the launch of the iPhone from '3' Italy have been confirmed: tariffs, largely, based on the 'Zero' already active and prices of the terminals cheaper than those offered by Vodafone and Tim. To provide our Sos Tariff news to our site, a web page dedicated eminently to the analysis of telephone costs.

In particular, '3', according to Sos Tariffs, could offer at no cost not only the 8 GB iPhone as happens for the two main mobile operators in Italy, but also the iPhone 3G S; no payment for the mobile phone would be due for those who purchase the 16 GB model with the Zero8Top from 79 euros per month and the Zero8Pro for professionals from 65 euros. '3' would give 149 euros the same phone to those who would buy the Zero7Top for 49 euros per month and with the Zero7Pro (40 euros per month). With the same tariff plan of 49 and 40 euros, the iPhone 8 GB would be free of charge.

Recall that with Vodafone to have an iPhone at zero cost you have to sign a 160 euro plan (if you include the 2 GB of data), with Tim the plan to subscribe from 180 euro. The mobile 'free' 8 GB model. The iPhone 3G S ranges from 69 euros to 269 euros, with the minimum cost offered only to those who subscribe to a 160 euro plan for Vodafone or 180 euros for Tim. With '3', if the rumors collected by Sos Tariffs were confirmed, the offer would be largely more favorable.

Without some rough account we can talk about using the 16 GB model as a comparison, a forward cost of the contract of 4389 euros (182 euros per month) for Tim and 3909 euros (162 euros) for Vodafone and 1896 euros (79 euros per month) for three.

Note that the Zero8Top also offers 20 GB of data (albeit with some limitations that we will eventually face when the rates are confirmed), a quantity that is not unlimited only nominally but that in fact an unlimited one with a very high fair use. Tim for his 180 euro Unlimited offers only 5 GB, 2 are in GB of the Extra large 50 euro of Vodafone.

Recall that Macity has had news of affordable costs even for those who sign a prepaid plan "3" with rechargeable; this category of users should also have 3 GB of data free until December.