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With WiFi on steroids, ADSL for everyone

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WiFi technology could be the basis for the next great revolution in the world of the Internet: broadband for everyone, even for those who live far from large centers and in rural areas. To allow the cultivation of this dream, which also in Italy would open the doors to ADSL or HDSL to many families who are now excluded, two Californian engineers, Layne Holt and John Furrier.

Holt and Furrier, like many visionaries before them, founded a classic garage company in a garage in Cupertino (a few blocks from where Apple was born), and here they founded an Etherlinx company whose purpose is to extend the operating range of WiFi at distances greater than those possible to date, even up to 20 miles, more than 30 km. The aim is to build a reticular structure for the diffusion of broadband Internet over vast areas as much and more than those covered by the cellular telephone network, thus bringing high speed to all homes.

At the moment the two engineers are working on modified WiFi cards to which other components are added to build a repeater that is connected to a proprietary antenna that helps to extend the coverage range of the system, now limited to fifty meters.

If the ideas of Holt and Furrier, which are attracting the interest of large IT and communications companies, prove to be exact, the obstacles caused by the control of the last mile would fall, which at the moment reserves the few companies the full exploitation of the broadband potential. Thanks to the wireless system, even small and medium-sized companies could offer ADSL or HDSL service over vast areas at lower cost than the current ones.