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With Ustream Live Broadcaster iPhone transmits video live on the web

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With Ustream Live Broadcaster iPhone transmits the video live on the Web – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Ustream's Live Broadcaster the first application for iPhone 3G and 3GS that allows you to shoot live video and broadcast it in real time via the Internet to a practically infinite audience of viewers. It is a revolutionary software that in fact allows you to make real live broadcasts allowing other users to see in real time what is happening in front of the camera of our iPhone 3G and 3GS. All this for free thanks to the advertisements displayed at the bottom of the video.

Recall that iPhone 3GS has introduced video recording but the video is stored on the smarpthone and only later can it be published online, for example with YouTube. In addition to direct transmission, the Live Broadcaster software allows you to record the video, and also integrates a complete series of "social" functions. The user can configure Live Broadcaster to send a tweet to all contacts automatically every time a live video is started, even possible to chat with our viewers live, just as we broadcast the video, even invite viewers to respond to a simple questionnaire with yes / no answers.

From the first tests carried out by Macitynet we found a delay of about 10 seconds between shooting and sending the video live, this consistent lag was experienced via Wi-Fi using an Alice ADSL connection. More than the program, the lag is attributable to the response times of the Internet connection available in our country. Recall that the maximum quality of video transmissions of 320 × 240 pixels. Other interesting features include the ability to send our GPS location and share the recording of the movie via Ustream, Twitter, Facebook and of course YouTube.

Any negative note goes into the background considering the primacy of the one to many (broadcast) software, finally always bearing in mind that Ustream Live Broadcaster available for free on the App Store. Below the screens of the program and below a first test video transmitted and recorded by Macitynet.

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