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With this app you can launch paper airplanes around the world

The romantic idea and the fun game: just catch an airplane to find out where it comes from and in which corners of the world


There is a game so poetic around that it looks like a Pixar short film. Is called Paper Planes, and exactly what it sounds like: a way to ship paper airplanes around the world. a site to use in its mobile version(in that desktop asks WebGL): a web application that turns your smartphone on a sheet of paper.

To start, just open the homepage and fold the sheet that will appear: before doing so, insert the "stamp" of the location (if there is no localization activated, the service will use the IP to identify the reference area).


Once you have finished folding the sheet, your finger will guide you by following the classic procedure, the airplane will be ready to leave for the world. Need hold the phone and simulate the launch, just as it is done, or done, in reality. At that point, a screen will inform you along with how many others are flying around the world.


Warning: remember not to really launch it, the smartphone, but only to pretend.

Not finished here: for each sheet sent, another can be caught. The mechanism is the same: a screen now appears on the screen to catch a sheet among many, and with the movement you would do in reality you can harness an airplane.


Once taken, you can open it and find out where it comes from. Some did a few laps, others a lot. As of this writing, there are more than 600,000 airplanes in flight, which have rebounded between the United States, Brazil, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Paris and even Pisa.


Hundreds of thousands of paper airplanes that bounce from one part of the world to another.

Paper Planes

A romantic and in its own way relaxing idea, except when trying to take a sheet and discover all the places of origin: it is inevitable to go back in time and feel amazed children reading stamps from faraway places, wondering how they got there from so far.


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