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With this app you can create a video in collaboration with the friend next to you

Just invite a close friend to create a clip together: Duomov creates a video in split screen and the audio already synchronized

Setting: surprise birthday party. Characters: two friends who want to resume the arrival of the birthday boy with relative blowing out of the candles. Each of them could make their own video, and then proceed to the exchange at the end of the evening. Or, they could shoot one directly together. This allows you to make Duomov, a free application for creating split-screen video with close friends.

Once the app is downloaded, just open it at the same time as your friend in the vicinity and invite him to create a clip together. At that point, enough start recording simultaneously: the display will show a screen divided in two, to return the double perspective, while the audio will be synchronized directly.

Raphael Cruzeiro and Pedro Marques who say to The Next Web would like to create a new format that invites, by its very nature, to collaborate.

An experience that recalls the path taken by HTC with its Split Capture Mode, even if the possibility of reaching the audience of Duomov iOS users makes it a service with good potential. In less than 30 days it has been approved by the App Store and its strength, for now, lies in the simplicity of the offer. The function is clear and does not pretend to be an app for video editing: to offer a format, hoping that the public will use it for create shared content, both on screen and on presence.


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