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With the new iPhone 3GS, Apple blocks the jailbreak

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With the new iPhone 3GS Apple blocks the jailbreak – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In the new iPhone 3GS that have been leaving the production chains for about a week now it is no longer possible to jailbreak. This is what emerges from some online declarations: the first relating to the discovery of the new version of the Boot ROM used by Cupertino, in a second time instead from the declarations of a member of the Dev-Team which confirms the invulnerability of the new ROM.

Indicated with the abbreviation iBoot-359.3.2 the boot ROM identified in the new iPhone 3GS that come out of the production lines present in smartphones in circulation for about a week. The news is circulating the Internet especially in light of the statements published by MuscleNerd, one of the most famous members of the Dev-Team group. The hacker essentially confirmed that with the new Boot ROM it is no longer possible to exploit the flaw indicated with the acronym 24kpwn, from which all the jailbreak solutions in circulation for iPhone start today.

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