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With Save draft, you can also use Instagram to edit photos only

It is not necessary to publish all the processed images: here's how to make them end up directly in the smartphone's camera roll

Instagram can be used as any application for working photos. Save draft returned, after seeing it appear at the dawn of the time of the app. Excluding the beginnings, in fact, anyone who had intended to take advantage of the editing tools of Instagram without then publishing the photograph, had to resort to sharing with the smartphone in aerial mode (with subsequent cancellation of the post remained pending) or, in extreme ratio , to the screen snapshot.

Now, however, no problem: when you decide to finish editing, that's enough press on the command to go back in the process: at that point the app will ask if you want to save the photo or delete the draft. The image will end up in the camera roll.

Another small convenience that gives Instagram even more access to the application, and joins the recently introduced news: the zoom function on images and videos also on Android and the possibility to filter comments.


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