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With PodFreq the music of iPod travels in FM

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The last attempt to transform the iPod into a small FM station capable of radiating wireless music to radios, car radios and home stereos is called PodFreq. To produce the Sonnet device that announced today the characteristics of the transmitter that is defined as something different from everything else on the market.

PodFreq, in fact, stands out from the competition essentially represented by iTrip by Griffin Technology (as well as by various other products not specifically dedicated to the iPod), due to its technological conception, form and solution.

As can also be seen from the photo we present PodFreq built around the iPod (not compatible with the Mini version) which is completely wrapped in an accessory made of transparent plastic. On the back of it is a telescopic antenna, on the bottom two ports one USB 2.0 and one FireWire. At the bottom a liquid crystal LED indicates the frequency on which PodFreq is transmitting. Sonnet, thanks to the use of an extendable antenna and a quality chip that was able to extend the range of the transmission well over the meter and a half (poor) of iTrip, even reaching 10 meters. According to the press release, the sound quality would also be above average. It should be noted that PodFreq, thanks to its special engineering, is capable of supporting the iPod and acting as a substitute for the dock.

The cost of PodFreq, which is fed directly from the iPod battery with a consumption, says Sonnet, is minimal, of $ 99 on the American market. The release scheduled for May. It is probable that due to the restrictive laws on radio emission devices present in Europe and, in particular, in Italy, the new Sonnet accessory cannot be officially imported into our country.

More information, other images and details on the technical specifications and the use of PodFreq on the site dedicated to it.

Sonnet products are imported into Italy by Iceberg Technologies.

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