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With Metro Photographic ABC, the iPhone measures objects

With Metro Photographic ABC the iPhone measures objects –

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The iPhone is truly a multipurpose product, so versatile that it can be used as a meter. To transform the most famous mobile phone in the world into a system to take measurements at home without resorting to the metric wheel or perhaps the classic rib or folding rule, just buy Metro Photographic ABC.

The application, sold on the App, Store uses the iPhone camera to measure objects. Just take the picture and launch the application and the game. A magic? No. Photographic Metro works according to a very precise and scientific principle: in fact, an object of common use must be used as a reference, for example a driving license, an A4 sheet, a CD, to be placed in front of the second object of which we do not know the measure. Once the photo is taken, the program will measure the second object by placing it in relation to the first and the game done.

The uses of Metro Photographic ABC are the most diverse. They range from the ?casual? measurement of objects at home to the satisfaction of a simple curiosity. The program can be convenient even when you are in a shop and want to take a measurement of an object without being forced to resort to the help of the shop assistant.

According to the developer, if used correctly, the program provides a measurement with an error margin of less than 0.5% over short distances, around 1% over long distances (> 5 meters). To obtain perfect results, you have to face exactly the object to be measured and frame it in the center of the photo. For long distances (> 5 meters) it may be necessary to use larger reference objects (those with known sizes). it is advisable to save your height in the database of references as it may return.

ABC Photo Metro costs 79 cents and you can download it from here

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