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With Mail your face appears on my computer. Will it be a virus? ;-)

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Mail, the email client integrated in OS X, allows this particular association, by making a smiley face appear corresponding to the email address registered in the system Address Book. A graphic pleasure that is not available in other e-mail clients and that, some time ago, could also be realized with Eudora, in combination with an external module created by Massimo Senna: MaxFaces. The option, which may appear to be a futile affectation, is on the other hand, it turns out to be very convenient, especially when you receive dozens of daily emails from very popular mailing lists; confusions are avoided and, at a glance, one identifies which correspondent is writing to us.

All beautiful as long as you have a photograph to be linked to the email address, but in other cases?

The e-mail service offered by Apple iTools also includes this possibility: in addition to enjoying an unmistakable "@" email, in the preferences you can add an appropriate image that will identify us immediately, on the desks of our contacts . Here, therefore, eliminated the inconvenience of having to send our image to all interested parties several times: by placing it on the Cupertino servers, the operation will be automatic.

In the instructions that appear, when you complete the uploading of your photo, you are clearly asked to use a ".jpg" or ".gif", but we suggest you to rescale, previously, the 64 × 64 pixel image , in order to avoid an unwanted grainy effect. Among other things, this mode of use also allows a smiley face to appear for two addresses belonging to the same person, since the current implementation of the address book does not recognize that the first associated email address .

We will see if the Jaguar address book will bring only a metallic interface or even a greater rationalization of our data.