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With iOS 11.3, Apple simplifies the life of HomeKit device manufacturers


Among the new features of iOS 11.3, one concerns the authentication of HomeKit software, a new way for developers to add HomeKit support to existing accessories while protecting privacy and security. This feature was announced at the WWDC 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference last year and is expected to help popularize the Smart Home platform.

Developers can test without needing to obtain a Made for iPhone (MFi) license first. The devices under development can be shared in environments with platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi but, when ready for marketing, they will still have to pass the procedures for certification by Apple.

ios 11.3 homekit - photo scheme homekit accessories page

in any case, it is possible to create accessories using instead of a dedicated chip, a software authentication mechanism, a change that obviously simplifies the work of device manufacturers who will be able, for example, to release firmware updates but with the obligation imposed by Apple to use encrypted procedures, which limits the possibility to upgrade but it makes the result safer.

Apple is focusing heavily on HomeKit and developers from iOS 11 have even more features available: the framework is even more accessible and offers professionals and amateur developers new possibilities to take their first steps in the sector, as well as new ways to authenticate devices via software , solution that allows you to integrate the support for HomeKit into existing accessories.