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With iFarmaci, a handbook for medicines inside iPhone and iPod touch

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A new application is available on the App Store for pharmacists, doctors and medical students and drug informers. These are iFarmaci, and a real pharmaceutical handbook to put in your pocket, placed inside the iPhone and iPod touch.

iFarmaci, developed by Federico Frezza and Andrea Isidori, already known for having released applications such as iLex and iLex the Constitution, based on the experience of, a reality specialized in pharmacy management that guarantees quality and timely updating of data. The solidity of the database is added to the graphic quality and functionality: you can navigate by active ingredient, ATC and by company, with fast and efficient search. In the form of the drug there are all the information, among which: pharmaceutical group, notes, Degrassi, SSN, expiry date, conservation modality and the complete monograph

i Drugs for immediate access to interactions with other drugs and to the list of drugs of the same group, of the same company or with the same active ingredient. All cards are freely annotated and can be inserted in the list of favorites.

iPharmaceuticals also useful to ordinary citizens who simply want to keep under control their medicine cabinet and always know what a product is for and maybe write down the prescriptions.

The cost of iFarmaci of 31.99 euros.