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With Hitchcock stories and storyboards are born on iPhone / touch

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Now with iPhone you can really do everything and the advertising slogan "There is an App for everything" is definitively demonstrated thanks to Hitchcock. In memory of the writer, this is the first ever program created for a pocket device, in particular iPhone and iPod touch which allows you to create nothing less than storyboards. If someone had revealed to us that one day composition of the shots, screenplay and in particular the storyboard could be created on a mobile phone at least we would have welcomed the news with a raised eye, at worst with a laugh of ridicule. All wrong: Hitchcock is already available on the App Store and offered at a price of 15.99 euros.

Starting from photographs taken on the fly or stored on iPhone / touch, it is possible to proceed with the creation of the various sequences that will be part of the movie, cartoon, documentary, theatrical scene or any other work. In addition to the possibility of inserting elements and people not present in the starting photos, with Hitchcock we can quickly and precisely insert all the symbols and indications for camera movements, the movements of the subjects taken, indications on how the lens should shoot in the foreground or from afar, any zooms and so on. For each sequence it is then possible to specify the duration, thanks to the omnipresent scrolling wheels for minutes and seconds but also to express the duration in frames.

In the showcase on the App Store, the developers declare that Hitchcock mainly intended for directors, directors of photography, producers, animators, artistic directors, film students and writers, in any case this original program will represent a temptation for all fans who have a film, a documentary or similar project in the drawer of dreams to be made. Among the main functions we mention the possibility to re-position the various scenes, the auto-save function to not lose inspiration due to a phone call, the possibility of adding notes and the description of the scenes, the possibility of associating each panel also audio clips for voice notes or dialogues, real-time execution of our storyboard, the ability to export the project to a PDF file and then send it directly as an email attachment and much more.

Hitchcock proposed on the App Store at 15.99 euros, a price above the average of the App but definitely affordable for a product of this type.