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With Dynolicious iPhone and touch they become test drivers

With Dynolicious iPhone and touch they become test drivers logomacitynet1200wide 1

Dynolicious a program for sale on the App Store that transforms iPhone and even iPod touch into practical and inexpensive tools to detect the performance of cars. Acceleration, G force, horsepower and all the most important measurements used by pilots, testers and even simple enthusiasts. The program does not require the use of GPS but uses "only" the accelerometer integrated in the two advanced pocket-sized ones of the Apple. The digital information provided by the accelerometer is detected 100 times per second to obtain the acceleration of the vehicle. This information is then treated to also obtain the speed and distance traveled. In practice with Dynolicious iPhone and iPod touch they allow you to make measurements, detections and to obtain a quantity of other information that has so far required dedicated hardware, scattered cables and installation.

Dynolicious available on the App Store, directly in this link at a price of 10.46 euros, unfortunately currently unable to provide data with Anglo-Saxon units of measurement, miles traveled, miles per hour and so on. Among the numerous data displayed on the touch screen and iPhone we remember the times to reach 60 miles per hour, lateral G force in real and maximum time, G force in braking, also here real and maximum, horsepower on wheel and estimated horsepower of the engine, and much more. Even those who are not a big fan of automobiles and high performance, cannot fail to notice the captivating graphic representation offered by Dynolicious and the brilliant idea behind the program, able to take full advantage of the hardware and software functions of the Apple paperbacks for offer a new and original application

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