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With DAW Soundstation you can create music online, collaborating in (almost) real time

With DAW Soundstation you can create music online, collaborating in (almost) real time

Musicians making home music now have a really intriguing alternative: Soundstation has recently updated its DAW platform with a collaborative function that really goes deep.

It's called Collab Live and, as the name suggests, allows multiple people to work on the same project by using the Internet connection to manage everything in real time. For those who know the system offered by Google Docs for office productivity and remote collaboration, a bit the same thing, but in the music field: anyone can make a change that is recorded instantly on the servers and automatically updated by all users who they are connected to the same job file.

There is no limit in the number of participants involved in the same project and it is even possible to follow the movement of the cursor inside the interface. Now it is clear that Soundstation's online DAW is not as performing as those of its competitors offline: among the biggest limits there is, for example, the inability to use plug-ins.

However, a fairly wide range of instruments is integrated and even support for audio and MIDI tracks, so for those looking for something that allows them to record a song remotely together with other members of the same band, Soundstation with the new Collab Live function can be a viable alternative.

The new function is already available in the Open Beta version. With a free Soundstation account you can collaborate on only one project online at a time, while with monthly subscriptions starting from 2 pounds, around 2.30 euros you can unlock this limit to access a greater number of features offered by DAW.

The Soundstation DAW like Google Docs: online and real-time collaboration

By the way: DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation and indicates an electronic system designed for recording, editing and reproducing digital audio. A key feature of DAWs is the ability to freely manipulate sounds, in the same way as a word processor that modifies words. If you want to know more, you can take a look at the audio section of our site: given the quarantine period we have already listed the best collaborative software for making music, which you can discover by reading this article.