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With Ambi Climate, the home climate is now geo-localized for the whole family

Ambi Climate attiva la geolocalizzazione multi-utente

Improve, save, simplify: these are the three key elements of Ambi Climate, a device that uses artificial intelligence to manage cold or hot air conditioning systems in the home. It is also controlled by iPhone and iPad, supports over 1,200 air conditioners from 50 brands and you can find our review here.

The goal of the Hong Kong start-up is to change the way we live by using the latest generation features to control home air conditioners effectively with the aim of saving money. And for this reason that after making the geolocation function available, Ambi Climate now announces the possibility of multi-user management.

Ambi Climate activates multi-user geolocation

The simple basic concept: set and forget. Thanks to this implementation, the air conditioner will in fact be automatically controlled by the system. The first person who will then enter the house will find the ideal temperature and the last one who will go out will not have to worry about checking if he has turned the splits off.

The new functionality not only takes into account the position of the single user, but takes into account all those who have access to the same device. With rules such as When I am the first person to enter the house and when I am the last to leave, all types of scenarios are covered.

So, for example, in a family of four, applying these settings means that the air conditioner will automatically turn on when the first person arrives at home and will turn off when the last inhabitant leaves, avoiding staying on unnecessarily and constantly guaranteeing a comfortable environment.

The artificial intelligence that characterizes Ambi Climate supports the indications of the user. The device algorithm not only takes into account the temperature, but also evaluates a series of other parameters such as humidity, weather forecast, time of day and solar radiation, to always offer the ideal climate. Furthermore, thanks to Ambi Climate it is possible to contribute both to the reduction of consumption (up to 30%) and to the protection of the environment by limiting CO2 emissions in the environment.

The device for sale on Amazon with a retail price of 149 euros.