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With 3 Italia the 3G FaceTime video call will be free!

With 3 Italia the 3G FaceTime video call will be free!


Those who have a 3 Italia SIM can take advantage of FaceTime 3G video calls for free, without having to pay additional costs.

Excellent news comes for everyone users with a 3 Italia SIM.

The telephone operator, in fact, confirmed a few hours ago that all users who have subscribed to a subscription or rechargeable phone plan will have the opportunity to make 3G calls with FaceTime completely free of charge.

Yes, you got it right. For once, operators in our country adapt to the decisions already made by American telephone operators (except AT&T, which instead charges their FaceTime 3G video calls to their users).

Maybe not everyone knows it, but with iOS 6, the new operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod coming in an exact hour, it will finally be possible to make FaceTime calls using the 3G network. Telephone operators, however, can choose whether to offer this possibility to their users for free or to charge it.

Contrary to expectations, 3 Italia was the first to confirm that FaceTime video calls under 3G network will be completely free.

So, as we said, with iOS6 the possibility of making 3G video calls via Facetime to any other iOS and Mac device will be introduced and with 3 Italia it will be possible to do it without additional costs: calls, in fact, will be included in the promotion linked to internet traffic .

Currently we have no other details about it, but we will not fail to update you as soon as we have the possibility.

At the moment Vodafone is silent about it, but I bet that to pay for this option. TIM, however, has communicated that for some tariff plans this option will be free, but has not provided further details.

I personally have never used FaceTime, so it won't affect me in any way.

Do you use FaceTime for video calls instead?

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