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Wireless video, the chipset is there

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Wireless video, the chipset is there – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The goal of wireless video transmission becomes closer. Earlier this week, in fact, an American company, Xtreme Spectrum, announced that it had started distributing a chipset called UWB to selected customers to perform the necessary tests. The purpose of UWB is to transmit broadband video signal for the creation of networks capable of sending up to 100 megabits per second.

UWB the first working specimen of a chipset intended explicitly for this purpose and opens the hope of soon being able to start the production and marketing of devices that will exploit its potential

The radius of action of the systems based on UWB will be about ten meters and will operate on a particular band that in the USA has already been assigned to wireless broadband systems

At the moment its scope makes it ideal for the replacement of connection cables between video devices and televisions or monitors, but not particularly significant for the creation of real networks. In the future, it is not excluded that UWB may become a competitor of WiFi-based wireless.

At the moment the first manufacturers who have admitted to being interested in UWB are Sony, Cisco and Texas Instruments.

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