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Windows "Threshold" will unify the S.O. from Microsoft

windows threshold

The next version of Windows, currently known as "Threshold", will further unify Microsoft's operating systems.

windows threshold

Microsoft working on the next release of Windows which it currently has like code name "Threshold" and it could be the biggest innovation seen so far on Microsoft's operating systems.

The queen of the Microsfot house, Mary Jo Foley, has released some information about "Threshold", the code name comes from an internal email sent to Foley by EVPTerry Myerson. Behind this name there could be a substantial update that will cover all Microsoft home systems, namely: Windows, Windows Phone and the operating system of Xbox One.

This cross-platform realease should go to unify the app store he development tools dedicated to the 3 different current operating systems, thus going to further unify the ecosystem created in recent years by Microsoft.

Take it easy for the release scheduled for spring 2015.