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Windows Phone celebrates 200,000 apps: how to catch up?

Windows Phone celebrates 200,000 apps: how to catch up?

The goal achieved is combined with the arrival of gift cards also in Italy. Does a new era open for the Microsoft ecosystem?

It is preparing an interesting Christmas season for Microsoft: its Windows Store has passed in these hours 200 thousand apps available. This was announced by the director of the Windows Phone apps team, Todd Brix, in a blog post dedicated to the developers working on the platform. It will be the best Christmas season ever, headline Brix.

The post designed to entice programmers to finish their app in time for the holidays, but the news is precisely that of the goal achieved. 200 thousand apps are an important psychological threshold for the Windows Store. And even if the competing operating systems in this field are light years ahead, there are a couple of considerations to make.

The first number is dedicated to those who see an anemic marketplace in the Windows Store. By agreement, Play Store and App Store have both exceeded the million applications available, but it took them a while to reach their first 200,000. Google in particular has us put three years, the same amount of time that it took Microsoft to reach the same goal. The conditions have changed, the market for devices and applications is now much more crowded than in 2008 and Redmond will have to struggle not a little to get ahead and recover lost ground, but the mission is not impossible.

Here comes the second consideration. The recent arrival on Windows Phone by killer applications like Vine and Instagram has caused a sensation: they are leading software, landed on Redmond phones after a ruthless court of Microsoft (and Nokia). Very good, but not enough. The next step must be to have the apps already on the platform, before they become excellent names. A successful ecosystem that generates mass phenomena rather than chasing those born elsewhere.

And if so far the obsession of the Windows Phone manager, Joe Belfiore, has been to bring to Windows Phone the famous list of the 50 best apps of the mobile realm, now things can also change. Todd Brix's post gives a good summary of the reasons why the developers, all the developers, they should seriously think about publishing on the Redmond store from the beginning. The arrival of gift cards in many countries, the world record in carrier billing, the positive reviews received from the latest devices … The starting point is c.

It remains to understand how many will collect the invitation.


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